This was such a fun time because it was our first photoshoot together after being hired as Digital Media Management for Dope As Yola.
It could not have been a more beautiful winter day in Orange County, and we caught the sunset "Golden Hour" light just a the right time in glorious Laguna Beach, CA.
I utilized my full-frame Sony A7iii camera and Tamron 17-22mm f 2.8 lens equipped with my Peter McKinnon edition Polar Pro variable ND Filter. I utilized Lightroom CC for some dramatic color correction with the goal of brining out the warm tones, which resulted in a  '300-esque' tone.
We assist Dope As Yola, and his brand Push Trees, with a wide variety of services aside from photography and videography, and including logo design and branding, web design, advertising, and more. For more information:

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